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Our Courses

London Iqra Institute provides an exceptional education for our children and aduls. Our teachers are devoted to produce some ideal and model citizens and dayee for this society. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for us to build our future generation. Our target is to teach pupils in best and practical ways so that pupils can learn effectively.

Part-time Alimi course for children:
(Boys & girls from 10 years old, Duration 5 years)

This course is very intensive and effective for young boys and girls. This course will increase their ability to be competent in Arabic. After finishing this course they will be able to gain an ability to read, write, speak and understand Arabic directly from the Qur'an and Hadiths of the prophet (pbuh) which will provide them an opportunity to gain deep knowledge of the Deen.

Weekdays: For Girls
Monday to Thursday: 5 - 7:30PM
Fee: £100 Monthly

Weekend Time: Sat & Sun
Morning Shift:10 to 3PM
Fee: £100 Monthly

Evening Shift:3 to 6PM
Fee: £60 Monthly

Part-time Alimi course for adults:
(16+ male /female Duration 5 years)

Alimi course for adult is a great option for adult people who want to learn deep knowledge from the main sources of Islam. It will enable people to gain deep knowledge in Arabic language in terms of reading, writing, and speaking.

For Weekdays -> Fee: £70 monthly and weekly 2 days hours: 8, Mon and Wed 10-2pm in English and Bengali

For Weekend -> Fee: £60 monthly Sat/Sun: 6pm(Only one day)

Hifzul Quran Class: For Boys and Girls segregated
(from 7 years old)

Our Hifz class is well organised. Pupils enjoy lesson which helps them learn quickly. Limited number of students in the class and individual supports is being provided.

Mon - Thr: 5-7:30PM
Fee: £60 monthly

Evening Madrasah:
(from 6 years old)

In our weekend and evening madrasah we teach basic knowledge of Islam giving more priority in reciting Al-Quran. Pupils will be learning basic aqeedah, fiqh, dua's, stories, and morals and manners inshallah.

Weekdays: Mon - Wed, 5 - 7:30PM