5th floor, The Maryam Centre, East London Mosque, 45 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1DU
Tel: 0207 650 8947 Mobile: 075 0756 4313

About London Iqra Institute

London Iqra Institute provides an exceptional education for our future generation. We strive to provide education from the correct sources: Al-Quran and As- Sunnah , relating to our real life situations. We are committed to provide knowledge of all the mazahib in a comprehensive way to widen people's understanding. Our aim is to produce some leaders and alims for this present world who will be broad, balanced and compatible for the modern society.

Our classrooms are well equipped with modern technology such as computers, internet and interactive boards. We are well resourced with Islamic books, various tafseers, hadith books and Arabic literatures. Our teachers are committed, devoted and experienced to teach effectively. They are qualified and educated from various countries such as Egypt, Morocco, England, Malaysia, Algeria and Bangladesh.

We are a non-profitable charity organisation: "London Education Trust (LET)". We run our institute under the name of "London Iqra Institute" which is a project of LET. Our commitment is to serve our society through Islamic education and build our future generation with the ideal Islamic morals, manners and characteristics of the pious and righteous people. May Allah give us the ability to fulfil our aspirations to the best of our ability and accept this as a noble cause for the salvation in the Hereafter. Ameen.

Jazakumullahu Kahairan
Ziaur Rahman

London Iqra Institute launches it's campaign in TV, click here to watch this.